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Blended Paratransit

To provide reasonable accommodation, Americans Disability Act (ADA)-eligible riders may request a route deviation pickup and/ or drop off if it is within ¾ mile of Routes 10 – 90. Reservations are required and may be made the day previous to the day when service is requested or up to fourteen (14) days in advance. Reservations will be accepted the day of the trip, provided that there is room in the day’s schedule to accommodate them. The ADA route deviation fare is twice the regular fare. Curb-to-curb service is provided unless a request is made for door-to-door service

TCaT offers Dial-A-Ride services in three different service areas around the county. Select your service area from the menu, or use the TCaT trip planner to see how these services connect to our fixed-route network.

You may schedule a curb-to-curb trip on Dial-A-Ride by calling 1-800-431-9711, Monday through Sunday. You must call at least a day in advance to assure service.

Dial-A-Ride fares

Dial-A-Ride fares are available on the Dial-A-Ride Fares page here.